Weekly Musings 025

Welcome to this edition of Weekly Musings, where each week I share some thoughts about what's caught my interest in the last seven days.

After writing last week's letter, the idea underlying that essay continued to poke at my brain. The results of that poking (aside from a mild headache) was me digging up an older essay on that subject, which I think complements last week's musing.

I hope you enjoy it.

On Calm Technology

We're slaves to our technology. We're beholden to it. And that technology likes to remind us of that fact.

Our devices beep. They ping. They buzz. They ring. They vibrate, They flash. All of which let us know that we've got an incoming call or text message, that someone's responded to a tweet or posted something to Facebook, that there's an email or three waiting for our attention.

And we duly jump. Our attention is ripped away from what we're doing or should be doing. Our attention is ripped away from the people we should be focusing on. Our attention is torn from the moment. That attention moves to a screen attached to the device that spawned the alert.

That shattering of our attention makes us less productive, makes us less focused, makes us less mindful of the now. It erodes our cognitive functions and punches holes in our concentration. We're like lab animals responding to stimuli to get a quick, easy reward.

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